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Who we are...

Our Purpose is to create universal awareness of human trafficking and kidnapping distress hand signal so that any person who is or is about to become a victim of human trafficking, or be held by any force against ones will, can obtain help and their trafficker or abductor, apprehended.


The Signal is a 2022 Telly Award winning PSA film with over 2M views. It's a Rotary & Retired military outreach project bringing a versatile highly effective distress SOS Signal to youth victims around the globe.

Share The Signal is a non-profit, registered 501(c)(3).


Rancho Santa Fe Rotary

Rotary’s motto "Service Before Self" is very well exemplified in this chapter who is well known for their many community outreach programs including Human Trafficking.


Don Meredith, Rotary past president, is the founder of Share the Signal and is focused on getting The Signal out as far and wide as possible.  He is collaborating and speaking with other philanthropic organizations for this cause and is building a network of volunteers to help promulgate the hand signal. 


For more information on how you can help, reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website. For more information about this Rotary chapter see


Our Military Partner

Lieutenant Commander Doug Lito fighter pilot US Navy (ret) -

Special instructions officer at the combined air operations during operation enduring freedom-


He devised all the secret code words and signals used by international allied forces to authenticate and recover personnel trapped behind enemy lines.


He has said, "no other hand signal would conflict with ‘The Signal’ and that it is perfect for its intended civilian purpose and effective at all positions.!!”    Special thanks to Phillip Elgie award winning combat MARINE videographer and his film crew for editing and production effort.

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